We place importance on fostering the ability to explore and have fun through contact with nature.

Katsuhito Samejima

Q: Please tell us about Mr. Shark's career so far.

In order to embody the joy of manufacturing and playing outside, I moved to the foothills of Mt. Hakkoda in Aomori in search of powder snow. After that, I went on a snow trip to New Zealand and returned to my hometown of Saitama to enjoy snow activities in the backcountry areas of the Kanto-Chubu area. After working in a wide variety of crafts including woodworking and plastic arts, I worked as a board member of Garmin Japan for 18 years. As the leader of the customer support department and in charge of outdoor devices and mountain climbing maps, I worked closely with various customers and provided after-sales follow-up. Now, we are independent as an importer of camping equipment, and at the same time we are promoting the charms of Mt. Tokyo.

Q: I heard that you moved to the Tokyo mountain side. What kind of place is the Tokyo mountain side?

The ``deep nature'' and ``proximity to the city center'' are the biggest attractions. Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from Tokyo Station and approximately 30 minutes from Tachikawa Station, you can immerse yourself in deep mountain nature that makes it hard to believe that you are in Tokyo, and experience the changing seasons with all five senses through the changes in a wide variety of plants and animals. I can. In winter, the temperature often drops to minus zero. Being located on the east side of the Kanto Plain, there is little snowfall, so you can enjoy trekking through the countryside while feeling the crisp, cold air on your skin and looking past the buildings of the city center in the distance.

In addition, the historical culture accumulated from deep nature is also attractive. We tend to focus on areas with deep religious knowledge, but there are various shrines and temples on the Tokyo side, including Mitake, and sake breweries are also deeply rooted in each region as a symbol of culture. It's one of its charms. We feel that this environment is an ``asset'' that we would like to enjoy not only for people living in the city center, but also for people around the world.

Q: What kind of things do you value when dealing with children at the inquiry-based nature experience learning school?

We place great importance on fostering the ability to explore and have fun through contact with nature. I interact with information obtained from the five senses such as ``touch,'' ``temperature,'' ``scent,'' and ``color,'' with the hope that children will be able to incline their mind to explore ``why?''.

Q: I hear that you are a mountain man at heart. Please tell us about the appeal of mountains and nature.

I can't express it in one word, but of course it's a "play" aspect. It is also attractive that you can feel not only the temperature difference but also the change of the four seasons. It is also a place where you can become ``nothingness'' by spending quiet time without hearing any noise.

Q: Please let us know if you have any plans or goals for school or adventure travel that you would like to set up on the Tokyo side.

We hope to be able to create a project based on the theme of ``manufacturing x the charm of plants x the workings of nature.'' In a digital society, the process of physically forming "things" is easy to imagine from multiple angles, and the sense of accomplishment after completion is sure to be even higher. And what role can "things" play in us and in the lives of animals and plants? I am confident that Mt. Tokyo has an excellent environment in which to implement this.

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