A spirit of inquiry and a sense of nature are continuously cultivated.

Hiroki Sakurazawa (TOKYO YAMAGAWA GUIDE)

Q: Please tell me the origin of the name “Michikusa no Tatsujin”.

``I appeared as a program advisor on NHK E-Tele's ``Narikirimu Nyan Creature School,'' and at that time I received the title ``Saku-chan, the Master of Michikusa.'' In one word, I spend my days walking, swimming, climbing mountains, and picking up trash while observing plants in the local fields and mountains. I am using it as it is as a title that simply describes me.

Q: I heard that you not only supervised and appeared on nature programs, but also used to be a ranger for the Ministry of the Environment. Have there been any memorable events in nature in your past activities?

There are many impressive events in the midst of nature, which changes every day. It's hard to choose just one, but when you surrender to the flow of the Akigawa River on a perfectly sunny day in the summer, your body, the river, and the surrounding nature become one, and your body melts and becomes one with the surrounding natural environment. You may feel something like this. It was a very impressive experience.

Q: Please tell us about the appeal of the field on the Tokyo side.

There are few common tourist attractions such as large waterfalls, lakes, and volcanoes, but if you look at the Mt. Tokyo side through the eyes of someone who knows the area well, you will find that it is packed with many very interesting elements. In particular, it is accessible within 60 to 90 minutes from the center of Tokyo, a world-class city, and yet has national parks. It is attractive because it includes a natural environment and unique historical and cultural landscapes.

Q: Saku-chan has popular programs such as fossil discovery. Is there anything you want children to experience or learn?

Various types of information can now be easily obtained as secondary and tertiary information photographed and edited by people. In this era where information is becoming increasingly digital and overflowing with information, I want people to regularly acquire primary information obtained through their five senses, and I believe that this is becoming increasingly important. For example, in a fossil excavation experience, rather than finding beautiful or valuable fossils, it is more important to dig into the earth with your own hands, look closely with your own eyes, and see how the earth beneath your feet is stacked up. I want children to develop the sensitivity to vividly imagine the environment from 2000 to hundreds of millions of years ago. To that end, we, the Tokyo Mountain Guide Team, will do our best to support you.

Q: Children have less time and opportunities to spend time in nature. Are there any special experiences that can only be had on the Tokyo side?

Everywhere in Japan has its own unique natural environment and historical culture, so the experiences you can have in any region are extremely valuable. However, it is important to continually cultivate a spirit of inquiry and a sense of nature. The natural environment that exists on the Tokyo side, which can be accessed in 60 to 90 minutes from the city center, is recommended because it is within a distance that allows you to visit repeatedly.

Q: As the principal of an inquiry-based nature school, please introduce the appeal of Mt. Tokyo to people who have never visited the area.

On the Tokyo side, there are rivers where you can swim and jump from rocks, and a rich forest that includes some national parks. This field is connected to central Tokyo through a river, and the land in the city center was formed by the accumulation of earth and sand from the mountains in this area over many years. In the past, the coal and wood produced in this area supported the development of Edo, the world's largest city during the Edo period, in terms of energy and logistics, and it was also a place where economic and cultural exchanges were active. And modern Tokyo's mountain side is a home for city dwellers, providing not only a valuable exploratory nature experience learning school for children, but also learning and healing for adults. In the event of a disaster, it also functions as a temporary evacuation site and is a place full of charm. Please come visit us on the Tokyo side.

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