Event schedule

April 28th (Sun) 10:00-15:00
Monday, May 6th 10:00-15:00


1 group (1 child + 1 adult): ¥13,750
If you would like to add more people, both adults and children can join for ¥6,875/person.

櫻澤 裕樹

みちくさの達人 サクちゃん


資格 SNS

This is an experience where you can learn about the Earth and play with stones through ``making rock specimens'' on the Akigawa River. In addition to making rock specimens, what happens when you polish stones? We will also try our hand at ``stone polishing'' and ``starting a fire'' using flint from stones we picked up on the riverbed! The stage of the experience is Akigawa Valley in Akiruno City, Tokyo. This area is the gateway to Okutama, where JR Musashi-Itsukaichi Station is located. Akigawa Valley is full of natural beauty where you can experience the history of the earth. This time, let's examine the many types of stones and rocks on the riverbed and experience the romance of the earth!