Event schedule

May 4th (Sat) 09:30-15:00


1 group (1 child + 1 adult): ¥16,500

If you would like to add more people, both adults and children can join for ¥8,250/person. For safety reasons, children under 3 years old are not allowed to participate.

櫻澤 裕樹

みちくさの達人 サクちゃん


資格 SNS

At the back of the forest road in the Akigawa basin, where the experience takes place, there is a secluded valley that is hard to believe is Tokyo, and in the depths there is a wonderful waterfall. This time we will take a course that descends all at once into a valley created by a large fault, so you can experience the unevenness of the earth with your whole body. While hiking along a scenic mountain slope, we listened to tips on how to observe animals based on the traces of animals that live in the forest, collected firewood in a former firewood forest, and spent the afternoon lighting a bonfire with flint on a riverbank. Have a survival experience.